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WE ARE CIVILISED!? is an album that was recorded in just a month in February 2019 for the RPM challenge (record 35 minutes of new music or 10 new songs within one month). Like usual it became a very diverse collection of music, with very different styles, subjects and atmospheres.
It can be downloaded entirely at noisetrade.

LIMINALITY (summer 2018 samper) is a new collection of old and new Bram Cools songs that can be listened here.
It can also be downloaded in its entirety at noisetrade.


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The CLASSIC BRAM COOLS ALBUMS can be streamed here.

You can download them at a chosen price at the Bram Cools bandcamp store.
The essential Bram Cools albums are:
I am the Belgian Christian lo-fi scene (2010)
This is a collection of older Bram Cools songs from the '00's, interlayered with some weird instrumentals. The old style of experimental lo-fi folk is still very recognisable, but there are also experiments in very different styles, in 4 different languages (in addition to English and Dutch songs there is some liturgical Greek and Latin). It also was the last Bram Cools album until 'Liminality' in 2018 to have a physical release on CD-R. 
Cyberluddism (2011)
This was an very eclectic experiment in songwriting and arranging using a veriety of mostly electronic styles of music, usually combined with more dystopian themes and some dysfunsctional meditations on the state of our cyber-infused post-postmodern society.
Instant Pocket Apocalypse (2013)
This album started with some B-sides from 'cyberluddism' but took a turn on its own, being extremely ecelectic with every song in a different musical genre, and more folk (and non-electronic experimental lo-fi) slowly seeping back into the Bram Cools sound.

Contemporary Christian Muzak (2015)
Released in 2015, this album consists of songs that are much older. The Contemporary Christian Muzak Collective (CCMC) was Bram's experimental Christian band, mixing weird indie/lo-fi stuff with religious themes and outright worship sometimes. The band itself never made any studio recordings, so this album has the home-recorded multitracked Bram Cools versions instead.
Beware of Plato's cavemen (2016)
This was a new album with a completely new approach, mixing the electronic sound of cyberluddism with again a myriad of musical styles, but more folk and rock sounds again, and going back to dystopian themes (with some Plato added here and there). This also is the album that saw the return of the multilingual approach, with English, Dutch (and Flemish), a few lines in Latin and one and a half song in the minimal constructed language of toki pona.
Safe Happy Christian Music for the Conservative Middleclass (2017)

This was a long-lost weird folk album with songs mostly written before 'cyberluddism', but when the elctronic sound took over the album was left unfinished until 2017, even though some of the songs were or still are live favourites ('sell everything you have ans give it to the poor'). Musically adventurous and rather out-of-thr-box, and as the title insinuates with some critical and sometimes even cynical religious overtones.


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